Elimination Communication Awareness Week 2014

28th April – 4th May

Elimination Communication (EC), What is it?

A way for parents and carers to achieve a nappy independent lifestyle by listening and responding to baby’s body and sign language - Best described as Baby-led Potty Training

“Conventional Potty Training starts with hold it - EC starts with let it go” - Diaperfreebaby.org

Thank you everyone for your support to make the 1st EC Awareness Week a success!

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As well as our Prize sponsors - BabyBjörn - NappyFreeBaby - Attachment Parenting UK - The Diaper Free Baby - BunnyBear PottyWear - GoReal

Take advantage of the information available and chances to win fabulous prizes during this week and give EC it a go! It is easier than it sounds.

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6 tips on getting started

Campaign Blog - Please share and tweet!

Real Nappy Week 2014 Blog Post

Concerned about your carbon footprint?

How to Get started with EC - My story

Prizes kindly donated: Potty from BabyBjörn, Leg warmers from Attachment Parenting UK, A signed copy of “The Diaper Free Baby” book from Christine Goss-Loh, Half an hour phone consultation with Amber from from Nappy Free Baby, JuteBag from GoReal, EC clothing from BunnyBearECWear and a token for the Happy No Nappy App.

Supported by:

Offering 20% off all orders during this week. Please quote HappyNoNappy to claim!

The aim of this campaign is to inform and encourage new mums to give Elimination Communication a go.

For those of you who already practice EC - please help us spread the word, share with your friends, local parenting and maternity groups. The aim is to normalise and make EC appealing and approachable.

So please - Join us and tag happynonappy on Twitter or Facebook for:

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