How do you know when your baby needs to go?

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Happy No Nappy is the App to help you and your baby achieve a diaper/nappy independent lifestyle.

Elimination Communication (EC), better described as Baby Led Potty Training - the practice has many names but it all means the same.  It is about learning and listening to our child’s ability and responding to cues. And about respecting and encouraging the communication and desire they were born with. 

Elimination Communication teaches you how to respond to your babes body language and to read their toilet need signals.

As a new mother you soon learn how your baby calls for and communicates his or her basic life needs:

  • hunger
  • tiredness
  • comfort

With the ever increasing capacity of high absorbency disposable nappies and a cultural shift away from responding to the cues we as a society have come to overlook the signs for the other basic human need: excretion.

So, biologically, the signs are there. If you look for them it can be just as easy as understanding the other needs.

Happy No Nappy offers a simple, easy to understand “How to” guide to Elimination Communication that makes it easy to incorporate into your daily modern life.

The Happy No Nappy App features:

  • Comprehensive Information
  • An Image Gallery
  • Support
  • A diary to plot your success
  • A wealth of international resources in form of shops, books and blogs to support you locally.

The App also has Facebook and Twitter forums for you to ask your individual questions and tap into support from other members.