Real Stories from real mums

Not sure EC is for you? or are you stuck in a rut, in need of some inspiration? These stories are from mums who are in the middle of or have already completed their EC journeys:

“You know you had an EC win when at a BBQ I overhear my initially EC reluctant hubby boast to his best mate that he caught 3 wees of our 1 month old and then lists the benefits of doing EC! Win!”

“We started at about 9 months. We used baby signing and at that age she really started using signs confidently. This really helped! - Alisa”

“It was a rocky road to talk my husband and our parents into doing EC but now everyone loves it! I’m so glad we hung in there, because it’s so cool to have your baby be dry and clean almost all the time!”

“When you get used to catches, the misses can seem like a personal failure - they are not! They are just a communication adjustment. Teething/growing/developing or others. You and babe will communicate again (maybe even tomorrow). Slinging (baby wearing) can be a great way to re-learn the cues. -Becca”

“I’d suggest if there is a potty pause at around 14 months or so, when they are walking well and wanting more independence, it may help to back off offering the potty so much and allow them to take the initiative. They may come to you to ask to go on the potty. It’s worth a try anyhow. -Clara”

“We started at 5 and a half months, as soon as my son could sit up. I only managed to do it part time (when we were at home) but I find the best times are upon waking (from night and naps), when he comes out of a sling or pushchair or any other seating position - basically anytime pressure is alleviated from the bladder. I could be better at leaving him nappyless though. I know I would catch more sees if I knew more about the frequency at which he wees while at play. -Orla”

“We did EC with Toby from birth. He is 18 months now, and says most of the time when he needs to go to the toilet. Of course there are accidents too, mainly with pee but he is quite aware of his needs. He might forget to say when he is busy playing, but then I developed a sense if when he might need to go so I offer the him to the toilet or the grass. -Bianca”

“I started holding my daughter over the training potty after diaper changes at about 3 months old urging her to go:”sssstt” It was maybe a month before she did. Then she started about half the time it was offered. By 7 months she would also have bowel movements and start to fuss when her diaper was dry. She has however learned to associate ‘okay’ with potty (one of her 1st words) Since we never worked out a sign or a signal for her to use for potty. -Anna”