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“Try this app out if you’re interested in getting your babies/toddlers out of diapers some or all of the time!”

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‘Happy No Nappy’ is the must-have app for anybody interested in helping their child eliminate without nappies as well as those experienced and looking for helpful ideas. This App features beautiful and helpful photos showing various holding positions, anecdotes from parents offering different experiences and a wealth of top tips. Written in a welcoming style and with a tone of achievability and fun the App offers a way-in to a practice which supports bonding and reduces nappy usage. There are also useful resources for any parent curious to facilitate a natural approach to child-raising.

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by Bekantha: Really useful and succinct app which helps give you info, support and inspiration whilst embarking on your EC adventure!

by Pippa t: Great app it’s great to know there’s real help!! I’d recommend it to all mums & dads!

by Leela B Photography: Such a useful app! Will be sending this to all new parents..